Alocasia Bisma

Alocasia Bisma
Alocasia Bisma

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Alocasia Bisma. The Alocasia Bisma is an item in the Esperit Greenss brand. This variety is considered relatively new. As with any Alocasia, it is important to water neither too much nor too little. If you give an Alocasia too much water, the roots and tuber of the Alocasia will rot away. With too little water, the roots die, but the tuber often stays alive. When consumers know this, the plant is easy to care for!

More Information

More Information
Transport height50 cm
Min number of cuttings/plants per pot1
Positive certification code phytosanitaryplantenpaspoort per plant
Certificaten Socialy QualifiedMPS-SQ
Quality groupA1
Country of origin Netherlands
Other supplier informationMPS-GAP
Pot size17 cm
Minimum plant height including pot40 cm
Sub categoryGreen houseplants
SupplierEsperit Plants
Supplier SKUPH241787
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