Why Planthunters?

Ron Petterson (General Manager of Esperit Plants): 'In recent years Esperit Plants has experienced a great deal of healthy growth. From a Ficus grower to a grower that grows green houseplants in 8 different pot sizes under the labels Esperit Greenss, Ficuss and Dropss.

In addition, every year we introduce many new species and we are also busy propagating special plants. A few months ago we ran into the problem that we did not have enough data and information to market our products properly. With Planthunters, we get the right data to apply the right segmentation for the new and special products.

What is also important to us is that we continue to make use of the current chain. So that each link can continue to exercise its speciality!'

More information

Company name: Esperit Plants
Country: The Netherlands
City: 's-Gravenzande, De Kwakel and Nieuwveen
Surface area: 100.000 m2


Esperit Plants is the section where small plants become big. Where we prepare existing and new varieties for a successful future. And there are quite a few of them, distributed over the two different brands. Our largest label is Esperit Ficuss, our own brandname for the dozens of ficus varieties - including many exclusive ones - grown at Esperit Plants. We launch all of the green plants under the label Esperit Greenss. 

All of these lovely plants deserve a special pot. And Esperit has one, called Dropss. So handy that it's available in several pot sizes that match the different sizes of plants in our Greenss and Ficuss assortment.




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