Do you have a hard time sourcing special and new product? We've got the solution!

Planthunters is the only platform within floriculture that cooperates with growers, export companies and you as a retailer!

As a retailer, you are dependent on your available time and the relationship between your supplier and the grower when hunting for new and unusual assortments. These two aspects can be disappointing, which means that you will not be able to get this assortment in your sights! And ultimately, you cannot be special to your customers.

With Planthunters, you can be ahead of the trend and become special for your customers! Why? Because growers and breeders offer their very latest items through Planthunters in the first place.



Trust is a very important element in all Planthunters' collaborations. That is also the reason why you can settle your orders via the current logistic and financial flows, namely via your current supplier (exporter/wholesaler). Financially and logistically, nothing will change for you! All you have to do is place your order or bid at the auctions and your chosen exporter will do the rest! Handy, isn't it?

Planthunters already works with more than 30 exporters/wholesalers. This means that orders can be delivered throughout Europe, Asia and Africa!



Stand out from other retailers or direct competitors! At Planthunters you hunt for plants, flowers and concepts that are very rare and new to the market! This makes it easy for you to stand out from the crowd with your range of products!

Planthunters works with the best growers and breeders in the Dutch floriculture industry. These companies work day and night on breeding new and special products! And through Planthunters, the first products will be exhibited!



You don't want to miss out on these preys! Don't you?
• Planthunters has articles that are only available through Planthunters
• Planthunters provides a transparent way of handling orders
• Planthunters always ensures a fair market price
• On Planthunters you can hunt 24/7 for the assortment you are looking for
• On Planthunters, you have your hunting adventure all in your own hands





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