Winning an auction

Have I won the auction?

In My Account, under the heading My Auctions Bids you can see your placed bids. If the status shows winning, it means that you have won the lot. 

What are the additional costs/auction fees?

The auction costs differ per auction. You can see the additional costs under each bid. These costs depend on the chosen exporter's margin for your order/bid.

I am the highest bidder and the auction is closed, what happens next?

The auction is closed and you have placed the highest bid, congratulations! When the auction has reached the minimum bid (for the grower) (see 2.1.23) the order will be passed on to the grower and the exporter. They will make sure the product is delivered to you (as agreed between you and the exporter). 

Why is a minimum price used at the auctions?

The minimum price is an expectation of what the market value is for that auction item. When the minimum price is not achieved. The highest bidder will still have the opportunity to pay it. In addition, the breeder will have to set his minimum price lower at the next auction, Because that could be the market value. So it is not to create the highest price, but to discover the market value.

Until when can I accept the minimum bid?

After an auction ends (and the grower's minimum price is not achieved), you have 24 hours to accept the minimum bid. You can do this by using the 'accept button' in the mail you received for this auction!

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