My exporter and orders

How can I link an exporter to my account?

It is very simple. Log in and go to 'my account'. Then click on 'my exporter' and here you will see the button add exporter. If you have clicked on it, you will see a whole list of exporters. Finally you click on add behind the desired exporter and you can confirm this choice. After this the exporter has 48 hours to approve your request and fill in the required information. 

My exporter is not on the list of options in the registration process. Now what?

All exporters can register. If your desired exporter is not listed, you can ask your exporter to register with Planthunters. They can do this by contacting us at with the subject 'new exporter'. After the exporter has registered, you can select this exporter. The exporter only has to accept your request.   

Can I change my exporter?

Yes you can, go to your account in my exporter and click "add exporter". Find the exporter you want to add and click on "add". You will have to confirm this once more by clicking on 'Ok'. As soon as you have added an exporter, he will receive a message. In this message he will indicate if he accepts you as a Hunter customer and will link some data to your account (maximum order value, delivery days, commission etc.).  

What is a default exporter?

A default exporter is an exporter that has been marked as favourite during the ordering process. This exporter will therefore be used by default as an option. In "my account" you can find who your default exporter is. Under the heading 'my exporter' you will find yes or no at default exporter. If yes, then this exporter is currently your default exporter. 

How do I change my default exporter?

This is very simple. Go to "my account" and click on "my exporters". Next you click on 'view' behind the desired default exporter and then you can click on the button with the text 'use as my default exporter'. 

Margin partners

The exporter determines his own margin on the placed order. The minimum margin of the exporter is set at 5%. This is always visible to you as a retailer.

What is the maximum order value?

The maximum order value is the maximum amount that can be ordered per order. This is determined per hunter (retailer) by the exporter. 

Who determines the maximum order value?

The exporter determines the height of the maximum order value. This can be found in my account under the heading my exporters when you click on View. 

Can I create an account without joining an exporter?

Yes you can, but then you will not be able to make purchases or bids. To do this you must first select an exporter who will then have to agree to your request.  

When can I order through an exporter?

As soon as the account is created and the exporter has accepted it and filled in all the necessary information. 

When can I place orders?

Orders can be placed when an exporter is linked. The exporter provides the maximum order value. This order value is the amount excluding VAT and applies per order. 

How many exporters can I link to my account?

The number of exporters that can be linked is unlimited.  

How much time does it take to get approval from an exporter?

The exporter has 48 hours on working days to give approval.  

How do I know that my exporter has accepted me as a partner.

You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours which will also state the max order value.  

Where can I see the archive of my orders?

Under the heading 'my orders' you can see all the orders and auctions you have won in the Webshop 

When will my plants be delivered?

After the order is placed, the next delivery time is selected after 24 hours. If the order is placed after Friday 12:00, the next delivery time is Tuesday 6:00. The selected exporter has set these delivery times for you. Our partners (exporters) are responsible for the delivery times themselves. By delivery time we mean the day and time that the grower delivers to the exporter. The exporter is then responsible for the delivery moment to you (this can also be pick-up).  

I have blocked my account and would still like to participate in bidding.

It's nice that you want to start bidding again on our auctions. Unfortunately it is not possible to re-activate your account. Please send an email to with the subject 'activate account'. We hope to hear from you within 24 hours! 

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