What is an autobid?

An autobid means that you can set a maximum bid after which the system automatically bids for you until your set maximum bid is outbid. For example, if you want to bid a maximum of 20 euros on an auction, you can set this. The system will then keep track of the bids. If you are outbid, a higher bid will be placed for you immediately and automatically. This takes into account the minimum bidding steps that have been set. Also, there will be never more than 20 euros bid.  

Please note: if you are already the highest bidder on a lot and you subsequently set an autobid, you will outbid yourself. It is not possible to cancel or reverse a bid. 

I have adjusted my autobid, but I cannot see it in my account.

It may be that the increase or decrease of your autobid is not immediately visible in your account. However, your new autobid will have been processed and will be visible at least after you have been outbid. 

Can I cancel a bid?

A static or automatic bid is binding. You can't cancel or remove a bid, Planthunters can. When another user bids a higher amount, a client/seller can still hold you to your bid. 

My (auto) bid is the highest but I do not get a message, how is this possible?

It can happen that on one lot two identical autobids are placed. The first one to place the autobid will then have 'won' the lot. 

How can I see if I am the highest bidder?

If you are logged in on our website it is possible to see which auctions you are the highest bidder on. Go to your account --> my auction bids. When the status says winning you are the highest bidder at that moment. 

Can I increase or decrease an autobid?

You cannot lower an autobid but you can raise. You do this as follows: Place a new bid on the same lot and check "autobid". Then fill in the desired bid and click on bid. The bid is then placed, the placed bid can be found in my auction bids.  

Can I place a bid before the auction starts?

It is not possible to place a bid before the auction starts. 

I have placed an autobid, how does this work?

If your autobid is the highest bid, it does not always mean that the autobid you have placed will be the amount after the auction closes. The different examples are listed below: 

Example 1:  

You have placed an autobid with a maximum of 100 euros. The system will automatically bid for you at each overbid according to the minimum next bid step. If the bidding step is increased by, for example, 20 euros, the minimum next bid after a bid of, for example, 60 euros, is then 80 euros. If you are not outbid after your last auto-bid of 80 euros, you are the highest bidder with an amount of 80 euros and you do not have to pay 100 euros that you have placed as a maximum bid. Therefore, the system will never bid more than the maximum bid you set.  

Example 2:  

Suppose you place a maximum bid of 85 euros on a lot where the bid step is 20 euros and the last bid placed by another is 80 euros, in this case the system will place your maximum bid amount of 85 euros despite the fact that the minimum next bid should be 100 euros. So the system will still bid your maximum bid amount that you have set. 

Can I be informed about new lots coming up for auction?

No this is not possible yet. We are working on this. 

What happens if a static bid equals an automatic bid?

If another customer has placed an autobid with the same amount of a static bid, then the autobid has priority over the static bid. The person with the Autobid then 'wins' the lot. 

Can I place a bid when the auction is closed?

After the auction is closed it is not possible to place a bid. The auctions which have not been bid on may be re-auctioned. If these products are offered in the auction again you can search for them again on our website. You can easily search for products on our website. Here you will find more information on how to search for a product or an auction.  In the search bar, enter the term by which your lot can be found and click search (or the magnifying glass).  

What is a static bid?

A static bid means that you manually place one bid on an auction. If you are outbid, you have the possibility to place a higher bid (manually) or not. The static bid should be equal to the minimum next bid, unless you place a higher bid than the minimum next bid. 

When is there a minimum bid?

If the minimum bid is not met when the auction ends, the product will not be sold. The highest bidder will receive an email asking if he agrees with the minimum bid that must be made. If the highest bidder agrees, the product is still sold. In some cases the product will be put on auction again, with a lower minimum bid. This is not always the case, we recommend that you keep an eye on the website. 

I can't bid anymore because I have reached my maximum order value?

Unfortunately we cannot help you with this. You should get in touch with your contact person at the selected exporter to see if the maximum order value can be increased. So that you can place a bid again. 

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