Xanthosoma Lindenii Variagated

Xanthosoma Lindenii Variagated
Xanthosoma Lindenii Variagated
Xanthosoma Lindenii Variagated
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Xanthosoma Lindenii Variagated - The Xanthosoma Lindenii is a green houseplant that is known for its unusual leaf colours. The leaves of the Xanthosoma Lindenii are simply breathtaking. The arrow-shaped leaves are bright green with striking white veins. When the leaves mature, lobes will form and the leaves will be even more visible. To keep your Xanthosoma Lindenii in perfect condition, keep the plant in a partially shaded spot in the summer and place it more towards the light in the winter. This is to preserve its beautiful colour. Watering once a week should be sufficient if the Xanthosoma Lindenii is in a well-drained soil mix. In the summer period, a small splash of water every other day is advisable. The Xanthosoma likes a high level of humidity, so watering in the summer period is not an unnecessary luxury. The best temperature for the Xanthosoma is between 20 and 30 degrees.

More Information

More Information
Quality groupA1
Pot size14 cm
Minimum plant height including pot35 cm
Country of origin Netherlands
Min number of cuttings/plants per pot1
Sub categoryOther houseplants
SupplierIchtus Flowers
Supplier SKUPH9685-014035001001