Why Planthunters?

Steef van Adrichem (Commercial Director of Ansu): 'It wasn't so long ago that green houseplants were impossible to sell. However, this has changed dramatically. In a time when everything is becoming digital and the speed of innovation is reaching great heights in every field, a growing group (especially young people) see the value of nature. This growing group cherishes their collection of plants and is constantly looking for new gems. The marketing of these plants cannot be done in the traditional way, because the value of the plant is not always felt everywhere!

The shops and specialised garden centres know exactly what their customers are looking for and what they are prepared to pay for it. But how do they find those gems? Planthunters provides an opportunity to match supply and demand in a new transparent way. The power of the green chain is optimally utilised.

Let's all support this great initiative.'

More information

Company name: Ansu
Country: The Netherlands
City: Wateringen
Surface area: 60.000 m2


The beginning of ANSU lies in the middle of the last century. In 1955 Sawat Suphachadiwong began cultivating orchids in Bangkok. His son Tamlong helped his father from a young age. Twelve years later Tamlong used his savings to buy one orchid on a market: a Vanda. That purchase changed his entire life.

Just eight years later he introduces his first hybrid that he calls Vanda Wilai, in honour of his mother. In 1982 he establishes Suphachadiwong Orchids together with his German wife, Heike. The company focuses on the breeding, selection and export of orchids, all around the world.  Suphachadiwong Orchids grows into a company with one of the largest plant collections in the world.




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