About us

Born in 2020 with the dream of making special and new plants (concepts) accessible for everyone. How does Planthunters make this dream a reality? By offering a transparent platform where retaillers hunt for plants from the grower that are grown with passion and love.

The floriculture industry has been one of the most innovative industries in the world for decades and we admire this! The hunt for innovation and improvement is also in the genes of Planthunters.

These days, Planthunters is the B2B platform for hunters and lovers of special and new plants (concepts).


Hunting stands for compete and passion, these core values are reflected deep within our company. The unconventional way of thinking leads Planthunters to uninhibitedly hunt for opportunities and possibilities. Honesty and transparency is the key to success within our team. Humor ensures that hunters keep on hunting with pleasure, success and satisfaction!


This is how we remain authentic

  • Strife and Passion

Everything we do, we do with 100% conviction and dedication


  • Honesty

We keep the promises we make to our partners and exceed expectations


  • Transparent in everything

Open, honest and sincere, that's in our genes. To each other and everyone else


  • Think big, start small

We start, we keep learning, we stay agile


  • Data x vision = insight

Long-term insights that make you and us future-proof.


  • Making choices

No choice is a bad choice. What we do, we try to do as well as we can. And if not, we don't do it


Team Planthunters